FB Lab is a software company that specializes in server-side products.

• Created one of the first websocket servers for use in a broad range of next generation apps.

• Pioneered financial options risk management at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The Professional Options Package has been used by the world's largest banks and trading firms. It's current iteration, ePOP, is used to autoquote options on futures at the CME.

• Developed an online, real-time whiteboard for remote teaching and conferencing.

• Created and operated FunBrain.com, the world's most popular educational website. Funbrain's online assessments were used by over 100,000 teachers and millions of students in over 100 countries. (Pearson Education now owns FunBrain.com.)

• Invented a proprietary auto-coding technique that allows the rapid development of software that runs on Linux/Windows servers and PC's without modification.

FB LAB is currently working on projects involving statistical methods, education standards, and language.